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Girl on barre with Middle Tennessee Youth Ballt

Middle Tennessee Youth Ballet is not just a ballet school.  Our future is in educating world class dancers to prepare them for college and beyond.  MTYB recognizes that not all students in our program will go on to dance professionally.  We strive to ensure that all of our students will be successful in a college program.  It is our goal to use dance as a platform to build resilient, compassionate, and inspiring young people that will become leaders of tomorrow.


The Academy at MTYB is a private, comprehensive performing arts school that combines an individualized education to meet the needs of your child enhanced by focused education in dance and the fine arts.  The academic curriculum is offered in a nurturing, value-centered environment where each instructor has a high level of education in their field of expertise.  The Academy is currently designed for students entering kindergarten through 12th grade.

Academy students attend The Academy daily and are tutored by a certified teacher in a structured environment.  Curriculum is chosen so that it is best suited for your child and they will receive individual instructions each day.  Students will complete their academic studies as well as fine arts and dance training each day. Students of the MTYB Academy are required to attend evening dance classes at the studio of his/her choice.  Our fine arts goal is to train dancers to be fluent in all genres of dance so that they will be prepared for acceptance into dance major programs at the college of their choice.  Our academic goal for each student is to provide a high level of education in order to prepare them for success in college.

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